Newman Human Resources Consulting


Newman Human Resources Consulting provides a complete range of Human Resources Management Services.

Using Newman Human Resources as your HR support, you will reduce costs, increase productivity through future-oriented business diagnosis of human resources issues, with assessments, strategic planning, recruiting, talent management, rewards and change management.

How we can help…

With Newman Human Resources as your Human Resources business partner, you will get, practical, pragmatic and humane HR Solutions suited to your business needs, leveraging Frank’s 35 years of experience in HR. Frank and his team of associates can develop HR solutions for any people issue, tailored to your circumstances.



What Differentiates Newman HR Consulting from other HR Companies?

  1. Frank is an HR leader with a “do the right thing” approach – practical, realistic, common sense, knowledgeable – “we can fix it” as well as grow your business
  2. Focus on small businesses – understanding the small business owner to provide the best HR Solutions
  3. Over 35 years of Human Resources experience – through good and bad business cycles, through multiple industries
  4. Regional accessibility – know the Kitchener – Waterloo, Guelph, Cambridge region and issues because we are here so our HR Solutions are on target
  5. Passion for what we do – creating great companies has been a lifetime focus
  6. Established track record in HR – long list of deliverables in HR Solutions
  7. Recognition – As an HR Professional Frank has been recognized for his achievements in HR
  8. Team of Experts – using Frank’s 35 years of business experience as an HR Professional, he knows the best people to get the job done across the full range of employee and business issues