Is This Your Situation?

What’s Your People Opportunity Today?

Here are ten questions about the Human Resources Health in your company, with each question an indicator of each of the areas that you should be aware of for the people health of our company. There are many more in each area. To find out more, answer each of these questions, and if any indicate an area you need to pursue, connect with us for help. This is How We Can Help you.


  1. Do you feel you are spending an inordinate amount of time on “people” problems when there are other important things that need to be done?
  2. How do you coach your best people to do even better?
  3. How can you increase your bottom line with your existing people without increasing your costs?
  4. How can you motivate your people to do more/work more efficiently?
  5. How do you know you’ve hired the right person?
  6. What’s a safe question to ask in a job interview?
  7. What are your obligations under Ontario law?
  8. How do you motivate a staff member who seems to be under performing?
  9. How do you encourage your people to work as a team?
  10. How do you handle too much absenteeism?