Job Search, Career Choices and Change

  • In this rapidly evolving world of work, people often wish they could get some professional advice to make sense of employment opportunities and terms and conditions of employment, and help with career direction. What’s your career plan?
  • Changing times mean changing overall life situations and finding a better way to earn a better living.
  • Everyone wonders what those job ads really mean.
  • It seems there aren’t any permanent jobs, or clear career paths, only contract employees and employment contracts
  • Often, a job is offered but the Employment Agreement is not always clear, and questions exist around whether or not the job is the right one in the right company.
  • Many recent grads with a newly minted degree in hand are looking at career options and wondering what it all means.
  • It’s about applying your Unique Value Proposition so you stand out from the crowd and show you are the best choice for that job.


There are always questions, or things you just didn’t think of at the time, or times have and will change. Newman Human Resources Consulting can help you by providing some good hard information based on some reliable assessment tools and a lifetime of Human Resource Management experience.

Who we can work with

  • Professionals in Transition
  • People exploring a career change
  • People starting out/changing their careers
  • Graduated Students
  • People in a company who want to succeed but are having challenges
  • People in a company who want to succeed and are seeking information/input, trying to make decisions about opportunities
  • Newcomers to Canada who need help with Canadian employment conditions


We help with:

  • A job search/career plan
  • Resume Preparation
  • Cover Letters
  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • Interview Coaching
  • Social Media for job search


With the Disc Assessment tool specifically for adults, we can do a complete assessment of your skills, personality and interests and make recommendations about the career choices you will find interesting and fulfilling and are a good fit for you.

Nobody has a crystal ball for the future, but this will take you a long way.

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