Frank Newman – Human Resources Consulting

Newman Human ResourcesFrank Newman is an HR leader with a “do the right thing” approach – practical, realistic, common sense, knowledgeable – “we can fix it” as well as grow your business. Here you’ll find videos with practical tips for business owners and job seekers.


What Differentiates Newman HR Consulting from other HR Companies?

  1. Recognition – As an HR Professional Frank has been recognized for his achievements in HR
  2. Team of Experts – using Frank’s 35 years of business experience as an HR Professional, he knows the best people to get the job done across the full range of employee and business issues
  3. Regional accessibility – know the Kitchener – Waterloo, Guelph, Cambridge region and issues because we are here so our HR Solutions are on target


Top 3 Tips for Winning Over a Recruiter

You only get a few seconds to influence a recruiter.  Here’s three tips from an expert to ensure you put your best foot forward and get that dream job.