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Newman Human ResourcesA company that wants to be the best supports their people in an environment that encourages and enables the best people to do their best work every day with the latest and most effective HR Systems and tools.

Your business success relies on the best employees who work together as a well oiled team. As a Business Owner, you and your HR Manager’s challenge is identifying, attracting and keeping those people, and keeping them motivated to do their best. It affects your bottom line, and it affects the future of your business. It’s the whole picture, the whole employee career cycle, the whole environment that has to work together to keep your business in business now and in the future.


Human Resources Environmentalist

As Human Resources Environmentalists, Newman Human Resources provides more than tactical Human Resources Management. They focus on and understand your needs and have the HR Solutions with the tools to make it happen, in the whole picture of your business; from determining your people requirements, to hiring, engagement, team building and training, compensation, career paths, change management, through to succession planning. So you stay in business and thrive.

As Human Resources Environmentalists, they are HR Consultants who provide HR Systems to help businesses increase profitability with your existing staff and reduce costs by leveraging innovative and best practices in recruiting, compensation, talent management, and change and risk management. They help you create a strong, positive work environment, engage all your people, enabling growth in tough markets while enhancing your ability to sustain profitability and outperform the competition.

Newman Human Resources

Help your staff increase productivity; positively affect your bottom line through future-oriented business diagnosis, strategic planning, talent/change management with HR Solutions from Newman Human Resources Consulting.